Excavation Services in Pompano Beach

As premium providers of some of the leading excavation services in Pompano Beach, A Through Z Scrap Metal Recycling Inc offers the best deals and turnaround times on construction excavators jobs of all sizes. Backed by several years’ experience providing some of the most innovative demolition services in the city, we’ve grown to boast a large fleet of earthmoving machinery that is second to none.

We are a licensed, bonded, and insured commercial excavation team who strive to produce quality results and guarantee set start and finish dates. If you are working within a tight deadline and need to get things underway quickly, we may be able to accommodate your schedule. An on-site consultation would give us the opportunity to explore your goals further and examine your build site in greater detail. Once we have done this, we’ll provide a comprehensive written quote that covers everything from waste material disposal to water sources, precise slope and grading calculations and the use of high quality materials.

How Land Clearing and Excavation Services Differ

Many organizations ask us if there are any difference in our land clearing and excavation services. The answer is yes. Clearing your property involves moving surface materials like trees, stumps, brush, rocks, (and other cumbersome obstacles) from the surface. Excavations begin when we plan to dig up materials below the surface to create cavities in the ground, or when we start to modify the landscape. Our excavation contractors are licensed to perform both (on large and small scales) and offer exceptional rates and results you’ll love.

Heavy Haul Earthmoving Contractors

Going the distance with a large load of dirt can mean moving it to another location to be added to your property, or taking it to a safe disposal or recycling facility. Where ever you need to move large boulders, gravel, soil, rocks, and roots, we’ll get you there safely. The best earth moving contractors start with a well-coordinated plan and the right machines for the work at hand. We’ll make sure we have clearance with the proper regulatory bodies and the right permits and plans to produce results you’ll want to tell all of your colleagues about.

Thoughtful Demolition Contractors

It’s no secret, there is no quiet way to complete a teardown of any kind. Even Pompano Beach’s best demolition contractors tend to make a lot of noise which can interrupt daily operations, or shut things down to clear safety regulations. For this reason, our demolition services are accessible for extended hours to best accommodate your schedule. Minimizing downtime and completing precision work quickly is our goal. In our books, this is second only to your complete satisfaction. 

To ensure everything runs smoothly and we can satisfy your budget and timeline requirements we implement careful consultation and thorough planning stages. This also helps us to keep quotes accurate and upfront so you’ll never get a shock when you are opening your final bill. 

If you have just typed “excavating companies near me” into your google search engine, you have come to the right place. Call our Pompano Beach office for more information, and to book a free consultation.